The game of Tennis at SSC was played from its early days. As far back as 1914, where Tennis has been mentioned in the minutes of the “First Annual General Meeting for 1914”. Originally there had been four clay courts at Victoria Park. Importance of the game and the conscious of the Club to maintain its image, the fact that in 1947 it has been decided to provide the Ball Pickers with two Blue sailor-jackets and two pairs of trousers indicate how important the game of Tennis has been for the Club.

When the club moved to the new address in 1952, the courts had to be done. The New pavilion was opened in March 1955. By 1970 five courts were in use and in the years 1972/73 improvements to the tennis Pavilion were done.

Open ranking tennis tournaments were conducted in 1987 and recording of success in the Club Tournaments and inter Club Championship matches became a regular feature from early 90’s. Proposal to fix flood lights to the club came up and the project for flood lighting of two courts were completed in 1997. Fixing Flood Lights for the balance three courts were completed in the year 2008 and thus flood lighting of all five courts was achieved.

Today, SSC Open Tennis Championships is the most Sought after tournament in the country with the prize money offered exceed Rs. 500,000/-. SSC Tennis host the ITF Championships Conducted annually where participates from many Countries take part.

Most top ranking Tennis Players are members of the Club and many Club Players have been included in the Davis Cup team in the International Scene.