The Singhalese Sports Club was formed on 27th March 1899, during that period sports clubs were formed on  ethnic backgrounds. Colts Cricket Club had a reputation and was known as the "invincible Colts CC". Even the best English Cricketers in Ceylon, the Colombo Cricket Club was no match for the Colts whose members for many years were from the Burgher community. In March 1899 the Combined Colleges (which happened to be an all Singhalese eleven IX) lost by one run to Colts CC. This great effort was the spur to form a Singhalese Club. The combined Colleges XI was C.E. Perera (Capt), R. Wickremasinghe, W.O.Nathanielsz (all Wesley College) F.L. Goonewardena, M.S. Gooneratne & D.L. de Saram (St. Thomas College) Silva and W. Fernando (St. Joseph's) F.A. Obeysekera, E. Weerasuriya, D.B. Gunasekera(Royal College). In those days Royal College was at San Sebastian Hill Pettah, Wesley at Dam Street Pettah, St. Josephs at Suduwella (now Maradana), St. Thomas' Mutuwal. C.E. Perera the finest school boy batsman was a member of the Colts CC and SSC.

The convenor of the Meeting to form a club was H J V I Ekanayake of Wesley College (later District Judge). Other names associated with the inauguration of the Club are given later. One of the finest products of Wesley College - D.B. Jayathilake then on the staff presided, later he was to be Principal of Ananda College, a member of the Legislative Council and was Knighted by His Majesty the King of England. The meeting was held at the Wesley College Hall Dam Street Pettah.

There was close affinity between the Royalists and Wesleyites and this was evident in the composition of the Singhalese Sports Club Cricket team in the early years.

In 1900 the Club was able to obtain a lease of the land adjoining the Colombo Museum. The large extent was covered with Cinnamon shrubs and soil was sandy. Much labour & expense was needed to bring the land into a good cricket ground. When leveled out the outfield was sandy and scoring of fours was difficult. Gradually the handicaps were overcome and a matting pitch laid out. A tent was pitched (where the Nomads CC pavilion used to be situated) was to serve as a pavilion on match days. Although a committee was appointed to collect funds for improving the grounds and building a pavilion not much progress was made till about 1910.

The Singhalese Sports club played its first cricket match on 14th July 1901 at Galle Face Vs. Colombo Sports Club where SSC won on first innings.

Not long after the SSC met the Colts CC in 1902 but were beaten by an innings and 19 runs . The Colombo Cricket Club vs Colts CC or the NCC vs Colts CC match held pride of place in local first Class Club Cricket, but with the formation of the SSC, the Colts CC vs SSC match attracted much attention.

The First President of the Club was Sir Henry Dias, First Hony. Secretary H.J.V.I. Ekanayake, First Treasurer Philip de Silva and First Cricket Captain – O.G. de Alwis. The Club attracted the best school boy players from Royal, St. Thomas’ Wesley, St. Joseph's & Trinity. There seems to have been close friendship between the Royal College cricketers and Wesley College cricketers at this time.

S.P. Foenander writing the history of Colombo Cricket Club (1941) says "powerful though the SSC were in the first decade of their history they were never able to inflict a defeat on the Colts who were almost invincible in those days. It was not till 1913 SSC were able to defeat the Colts CC for the first time. It was a sensational finish when SSC won by 4 runs at the Racquet Court.

In Ceylon / Sri Lanka's Domestic Cricket circle
Daily News Trophy 1938 - 1950 -
Singhalese Sports Club had won the this trophy on 9 occasions.

Up to this point the Singhalese Sports Club had renowned cricketers such as :

Dr. C.H. Gunasekera, Mr. L.D.S. Gunasekera, D.B. Gunasekera, D.S.Jayasundara - who was considered the fastest bowler in Sri Lanka for many years.
S.S. Jayawickrema - was considered the best batsman for many years in Ceylon
Ben Navaratne - Best Wicket Keeper in Asia

P. Saravanamuttu Trophy 1950 - 1976 - Singhalese Sports Club had won this trophy on 10 occasions.

Robert Senanayake Trophy - 1977 - 1982 - Singhalese Sports Club had won this trophy on one occasion, Here we saw the emergence of the Wettimuny brothers, Sunil, Mithra and Sidath Wettimuny the latter of whom made a famous century at Lords in 1984.

Anura Tennakoon who captained Sri Lanka at the inaugural World Cup, Duleep Mendis, Dennis Chanmugam, Russel Harmer to name but a few who played with distinction prior to Sri Lanka gaining Test Status.

Lakspray Trophy - 1982 - 1991 - Singhalese Sports Club had won this trophy on 5 Occasions.

P. Saravanamuttu Trophy 1992 - 1998 - Singhalese Sports Club had won this trophy on 3 Occasions.

Premier Trophy 1998 - 2011 - Singhalese Sports Club had won this trophy on 02 occasions.

Test status was granted in 1982 and Duleep Mendis was the first Sri Lankan Test Captain from the Club although many who have been mentioned earlier have captained Ceylon as it was known prior to 1972 and thereafter Ceylon became the Republic of Sri Lanka.

In 1982 Arjuna Ranatunga made his debut as a 18 year old school boy in the inaugural Test match. He went on to lead the country winning the World Cup in 1996 and after this period of time a galaxy of players emerged.

In the early 80's the Head Quarters for Sri Lanka Cricket was built in the premises of Singhalese Sports Club. They have their own Pavilion and have been the venue of many Sri Lankan Test wins. This is similar to MCC having their headquarters at Lords in London. One notable victory against South Africa in July 2006 saw an all time record Test partnership 624 runs between Mahela Jayawardena and Kumar Sanagakara Both of whom went on to captain Sri Lanka.

The 2007 - 2008 season SSC not only won the Premier 4 day tournament but also the Premier 50 over Trophy and the U 23 tournament hitherto unprecedented in the annals of First Class Cricket in Sri Lanka.